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Odds and Ends Photo Gallery


Burr Tillstrom and Jim Henson
Mosaics of Burr Tillstrom and Jim Henson
at the Television Hall of Fame
in Disney MGM Studios, Orlando, Florida


Bil Baird's Sound of Music Marionettes
Bil Baird's puppets from the Sound of Music
on display at the MacNider Museum, Mason City, Iowa


Peter Baird

Bil Baird's son, Peter, shows some kids how to work a marionette, during one of his appearances at the MacNider Museum


stork.tif (1271124 bytes)
Albrecht Roser with his stork


storkcb1.tif (692754 bytes)
Stork Control

storkcb2.tif (846924 bytes)
Stork Control from another angle