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The knowledge of marionette construction, controls, and stringing that Kurt has built up over the years has been used to aid many puppeteers in the Twin Cities area. Some jobs have been big, like rigging a fourteen foot tall skeleton as a marionette for In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre. Some jobs have been small, like untangling an old Pelham marionette, but it's always fun to help others with an interest in marionettes.


Marionettes from "A Prelude to Faust" A favorite task from the recent past was working on the marionettes for Michael Sommers' "A Prelude to Faust," commissioned by the Walker Art Center. Michael called upon Kurt to complete several specialized marionettes of the same character. Kurt designed control bars and stringing and assembled the marionettes for their special tasks, climbing, tight rope walking, juggling, etc. There was even a contortionist.


contort.jpg (459156 bytes)
The Contortionist Goes Through His Paces
Before Getting Painted and Costumed